Ok fine, it’s not exactly a ghost town. It’s a bed and breakfast designed to look like the wild west.
John and I found this gem on our way to Colorado for our 4th year anniversary. We drove there and let me tell you… it’s a LONG drive. But  it was so amazing!
All I could talk about was wanting to photograph an abandoned town and I kept trying to find a ghost town that would be on the way, and when I accepted the fact that we might not find one, we actually did! Well, John did, I almost never pay attention to the road when I am not the one driving.

So here are a few photos! ❤

Shot on Portra 400, with a Pentax 645N and Canon 1V, processed and scanned by The Find Lab.

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I’ve had this session in my head for quite a while, so I decided it was time to go ahead and spend a day making flower crowns, model calls and makeup tests. I am so thankful for everyone involved in this tiny and magical shoot. I was so happy to finally see it happen! And I have to say it has left me hungry for more!

If you wanna check out the tutorial for the flower crowns, here it is:

Photographing with film has done so much for me as a photographer. I am in love with the whole process and with photography in a whole new level (I’ll make a swanky blogpost soon about the switch, new cameras, film stocks and all that!).

Models: Katy Lily and Maylee Hill
Makeup by: Monique de Lima and Kassandra Almanza

I absolutely love the colors, the feel of it and how it turned out. It was just how I pictured it.

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Calvert and Cathleen were one of the sweetest couple ever to photograph! I love the fact that they couldn’t take their eyes off each other, even on our client meetings. I absolutely adore when a wedding just flows when it’s time to take the formal couple’s photos, like any other couple, they just needed the little nudge, and then the sweetness overflowed and I was the lucky photographer to capture it. Not to mention Cathleen’s goooorgeous eyes, which are an absolute personal favorite. I just love photographing eyes! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McMahon!!! Ceremony – Sharp Chapel, Makeup and hair – Hailey Wheeler, cake – Icing On The Top, Catering – Catering by Orr


Stephanie and Doug were such fun people to photograph! I can honestly say I had a lot of fun with their sense of humor and lightness! They are a joy to be around.
It was so sweet to see them joke with each other and make faces and funny poses for photos! I just LOVE couples like that!

I am really looking forward to their wedding next month!

Meanwhile, enjoy this laughter and love-filled session and this sweet sweet couple!

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OMG, I can not say this enough… I LOVE the colors, the subtlety, the place, the couple and everything else about this session! I am so proud of how it turned out! So romantic and intimate, which was exactly what we were going for!

I am so blessed to be able to photograph friends, especially for a moment so important in their lives. And I can not wait to meet little Sophie! She will be here SO soon!! We are all very anxious to meet her. I bet she will be such a pretty little doll.

Thank you so much Kathy (their aunt) for letting us use this gorgeous place, it was just perfect.

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Yay! Finally a blog post with the sweet Davis’!

I can’t express how much I adore to photograph weddings with feelings. Well, to be honest, weddings are about feeling. But what I love is when it’s so strong and out there that you can almost touch it!

When I went to the groom suite, Chad did not hide how nervous he was, and Jen had many beautiful eye tearing moments that I was lucky to photograph!

I love being a part of such special moments, there’s no better feeling in the world than to be the one to provide memories that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations Jennifer and Chad! Your wedding was absolutely adorable and it was so sweet to capture that way you guys look at each other! You can tell you are best buds!

Venue: Dresser Mansion
Florals: Flowergirls Weddings
Makeup: Lisa Johnson
DJ: DJ Max
Cake: Sugar Mamas Custom Cakes
Gown: Abelina’s Boutique

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Kat and Jolly were such a nice couple to meet! And I was very honored to be their wedding photographer, especially for their very intimate wedding ceremony, where they only had their closest family.
It was a beautiful, quiet and meaningful ceremony, full of love.

Their reception was filled with laughter and love. And I love how laid back everybody was. You could feel that everybody was genuinely happy for Kat and Jolly.
It was a a beautiful night of celebration! It was a day that was meant to be, a nice and warmish day in the middle of a very cold week!

_MG_6532_MG_6379 copy
Look at this AMAZING bouquet by The Bridal Garden, they did such a beautiful job with their bouquet and flowers, as usual! 
_MG_6367 _MG_6394 _MG_6405 _MG_6416 _MG_6442 _MG_6453 _MG_6538 copy _MG_6504

And what a gorgeous place Vive La Ranch is! Their barn is just fabulous!
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Everybody had a blast on the dancefloor. DJ Zach Downing rocked the party, once again! _MG_7268 _MG_7169
Congratulations Kat and Jolly, you wee such a fun and loving couple to meet and photograph! I am happy to have captured the essence of your love and the happiness of your wedding!

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Have a lovely night!

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