Kat and Jolly were such a nice couple to meet! And I was very honored to be their wedding photographer, especially for their very intimate wedding ceremony, where they only had their closest family.
It was a beautiful, quiet and meaningful ceremony, full of love.

Their reception was filled with laughter and love. And I love how laid back everybody was. You could feel that everybody was genuinely happy for Kat and Jolly.
It was a a beautiful night of celebration! It was a day that was meant to be, a nice and warmish day in the middle of a very cold week!

_MG_6532_MG_6379 copy
Look at this AMAZING bouquet by The Bridal Garden, they did such a beautiful job with their bouquet and flowers, as usual! 
_MG_6367 _MG_6394 _MG_6405 _MG_6416 _MG_6442 _MG_6453 _MG_6538 copy _MG_6504

And what a gorgeous place Vive La Ranch is! Their barn is just fabulous!
_MG_6630 _MG_6665 _MG_6660 _MG_6667 _MG_6669 _MG_6652 _MG_6676_MG_6722_MG_6740_MG_6735 _MG_6751 _MG_6754_MG_6772 _MG_6775 _MG_6769_MG_6793_MG_6828 _MG_6922 _MG_6869 _MG_6791_MG_6914 _MG_6984_MG_7069 _MG_7034 _MG_7056_MG_7074 _MG_7085 _MG_7099 _MG_7207 _MG_7164

Everybody had a blast on the dancefloor. DJ Zach Downing rocked the party, once again! _MG_7268 _MG_7169
Congratulations Kat and Jolly, you wee such a fun and loving couple to meet and photograph! I am happy to have captured the essence of your love and the happiness of your wedding!

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Have a lovely night!

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