Yay! Finally a blog post with the sweet Davis’!

I can’t express how much I adore to photograph weddings with feelings. Well, to be honest, weddings are about feeling. But what I love is when it’s so strong and out there that you can almost touch it!

When I went to the groom suite, Chad did not hide how nervous he was, and Jen had many beautiful eye tearing moments that I was lucky to photograph!

I love being a part of such special moments, there’s no better feeling in the world than to be the one to provide memories that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations Jennifer and Chad! Your wedding was absolutely adorable and it was so sweet to capture that way you guys look at each other! You can tell you are best buds!

Venue: Dresser Mansion
Florals: Flowergirls Weddings
Makeup: Lisa Johnson
DJ: DJ Max
Cake: Sugar Mamas Custom Cakes
Gown: Abelina’s Boutique

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