OMG, I can not say this enough… I LOVE the colors, the subtlety, the place, the couple and everything else about this session! I am so proud of how it turned out! So romantic and intimate, which was exactly what we were going for!

I am so blessed to be able to photograph friends, especially for a moment so important in their lives. And I can not wait to meet little Sophie! She will be here SO soon!! We are all very anxious to meet her. I bet she will be such a pretty little doll.

Thank you so much Kathy (their aunt) for letting us use this gorgeous place, it was just perfect.

_TCP8858 _TCP8861 _TCP8865 _TCP8873 _TCP8883 _TCP8885 _TCP8891 _TCP8892 _TCP8893 _TCP8896 _TCP8901 _TCP8906 _TCP8910 _TCP8912 _TCP8922 _TCP8972 _TCP8980 _TCP9025 _TCP9027 _TCP9043 _TCP9053 _TCP9055 _TCP9071 _TCP9080

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