I’ve had this session in my head for quite a while, so I decided it was time to go ahead and spend a day making flower crowns, model calls and makeup tests. I am so thankful for everyone involved in this tiny and magical shoot. I was so happy to finally see it happen! And I have to say it has left me hungry for more!

If you wanna check out the tutorial for the flower crowns, here it is:

Photographing with film has done so much for me as a photographer. I am in love with the whole process and with photography in a whole new level (I’ll make a swanky blogpost soon about the switch, new cameras, film stocks and all that!).

Models: Katy Lily and Maylee Hill
Makeup by: Monique de Lima and Kassandra Almanza

I absolutely love the colors, the feel of it and how it turned out. It was just how I pictured it.

P645_06 P645_11aP645_18aP645_12P645_19a P645_02a P645_09aP645_04a P645_07a

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