Ok fine, it’s not exactly a ghost town. It’s a bed and breakfast designed to look like the wild west.
John and I found this gem on our way to Colorado for our 4th year anniversary. We drove there and let me tell you… it’s a LONG drive. But  it was so amazing!
All I could talk about was wanting to photograph an abandoned town and I kept trying to find a ghost town that would be on the way, and when I accepted the fact that we might not find one, we actually did! Well, John did, I almost never pay attention to the road when I am not the one driving.

So here are a few photos! ❤

Shot on Portra 400, with a Pentax 645N and Canon 1V, processed and scanned by The Find Lab.

NRconrad000806-R5-E010NRconrad000806-R5-E012NRconrad000806-R5-E009EEconrad000806-R1-E004NRconrad000806-R1-E011NRconrad000806-R5-E013EEconrad000806-R1-E012EEconrad000806-R2-072-34A copy


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