People often ask me, “How long have you been a photographer?”
And I try to look back and pinpoint a time in my life when I stuck my finger in the air and thought, “I will be a photographer!”
It obviously didn’t happen quite like that. Without realizing it, one thing led to another, and a big chain of events slowly took me to where I am in my life right now. Like everything in life, you don’t just jump to your destination, you just follow the road, sometimes not knowing where you want to end up.

Although, I can pinpoint one thing that led me to wanting to photograph things… Details.

I don’t think I like details because I am a photographer, I think I am a photographer because I like details. I think that is the biggest reason why I am so drawn to wedding, so many gorgeous and carefully selected details.

I can honestly say I have always been a photographer. Even in my early years, I’d grab my uncle’s super cheap digital (no LCD) camera and instead of just photographing landmarks from my trips to Curitiba, I wanted to go with my cousin to the park and photograph details and pose her for photos. I remember trying to get close-up shots of mushroom and flowers, and getting frustrated when I got home and saw the photos on the computer, because the right colors and details wouldn’t show like I had envisioned in my head.

When I was about 19 years old, I borrowed my uncle’s professional film camera and bought two rolls of film.
I was terrified and excited at the same time when I got my scans back. I didn’t want them to be horrible photographs and I didn’t want to have to give up the idea that I had the talent to become a professional photographer one day (I’ve always been a dreamer). To my surprise, almost of of the photos came out pretty good for my first time EVER holding a real camera I had no idea how to work. I was so thrilled!

The photos bellow are from the first roll.

And these are from the little session with my friend. I personally LOVE the photo on the left. I was so proud of myself!

I officially had fallen in love with photography.
From that point on I took photos every time I had the chance to. I was still living in Brazil, and since I didn’t have much money to buy a camera, I always borrowed my friends’ or a family camera. And they were always impressed with the photos I had taken with their simple little cameras.

The story goes on and on, and here I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with my photos often being graciously complimented and just as often being referred to as a professional photographer; With people calling me, wanting me to photograph their most important moments, their children, weddings, engagements… and I am SO… SO… SO humbly thankful for everything that God has given me and the talent that he has placed inside of me.

Today photography is so imprinted in my life and in who I am. It’s my job and it’s my passion.
And I will treasure it forever.


So here it is! I shot my first roll of film with my Canon AE1 program! And I have to say I was very nervous about having all photos come back super over-exposed or under-exposed!
I have been so interested in the simplicity and character of film lately, and I am loving to test out my new Canon AE-1 Program. It’s such a pretty camera! And I have to say, I am happy with the results! I’ve shot film before, a LONG time ago when I didn’t even have a decided style of photography.

I just ordered some Kodak Portra 400, and I can’t wait to test it!  Their skin color is pretty amazing.
I think the biggest thing about film for me is shooting what actually means something… a moment, a detail, a place.  You just don’t snap a thousand photos of it to use two, you just wait for the magical moment so you can capture it right.
When I was out photographing John, I stopped myself a bunch of times because I wasn’t “feeling” the shot, I’d either moved him, try another angle or pose until the frame was just right. I can’t wait to get those scans back, I hope they turned out as I expect.
Well… I guess I’ll keep trying if they don’t.  “Bendita curva de aprendizagem!”

These were shot with Fiji Superia 400, and I over-exposed them 2 stops.

I’ll be sharing more of my amazing experience as soon as I get some more rolls back!  #livingthelife

I have some other awesome news, but I’ll save it for the next post.

Canon ae-1


Happy one year anniversary to Janet and Wes! You guys looked SO cute together!

Celebrating with good food, friends, cowboy boots and a mechanical bull. Does it get any better?
Not to mention the awesome cool weather in the middle of a super hot week! I love when those things happen.
ALSO having a perfect { almost } overcast day! I LOVE how the photos turned out!

Ashley Farthing did a phenomenal job with the details, as usual!

If you wanna check out the whole party, here is the link for their online galley, it will be available for 30 days from today!




Ok, this blog has been neglected enough! So… shall we?

I am thankful for the friends that become family in a country that is not my own. And I love when I get to photograph them!

Val, you are a sweet woman, and I’ve seen you evolve so much already as a photographer! You might not know it, but I am really proud of you and I am really proud of your dedication towards it. Keep at it, cause you are rocking it, girl!!!

I also have to mention our big discovery! An awesome field for photos!! After looking and looking for so long!
Also, thank you for taking my photos, you did an awesome job, and I will probably share them on my next post. Although, I’m pretty sure it’s going to make me want to go super blonde again! haha

So, here she is, beautiful Valquirea.

_MG_7347 _MG_7354 _MG_7355-Recovered _MG_7367 _MG_7370 _MG_7384 _MG_7386 _MG_7391 _MG_7416 _MG_7417 _MG_7423 _MG_7418


John and I have been married for two lovely years. And our first year married was spent half with roommates and the other half with the in-laws.
Both were very unique experiences that made us evolve as individuals and as a married couple.

We moved out to our own apartment in September of this year, so this is the very first time that we get to decorate a whole house and have our own huge Christmas tree!! Try to guess how excited this girl was about buying all the ornaments and other super cute decorations??

With a bunch of cute details around waiting to be captured…. it didn’t take long ’till I started snapping some photos!

If you want to recreate this look, you need a DSLR camera. Turn all the lights off. You’ll also need a tripod since your shutter speed will be very low.
I’ll write under each photo which setting I was using.


Lens: TAMRON 28-300mm @28mm  *  ISO 400  *  f/16  *  4 seconds shutter speed

Lens: 50mm  *  ISO 400  *  f/1.8   *  1/15 of a second shutter speed

Lens: TAMRON 28-300mm @ 28mm  *  ISO 400  *  f/16  *  5 seconds shutter speed

IMG_6415Lens: 50mm  *  ISO 200  *  f/16  *  15 seconds shutter speed
The low shutter speed creates those beautiful star-bursts.

So there it is! Our Christmas love poured into our little apartment.


It’s so great when I get to photograph my friends!
Especially on such a special moment like this.
Ellen is 7 months pregnant, expecting a baby boy named Samuel!

I hope I get to photograph him and hopefully give him some little squeezes while mom is not looking. Tehee!

While baby Samuel doesn’t come, enjoy a beautiful family session with the Curry family!

IMG_5764 IMG_5776 IMG_5779 IMG_5781 IMG_5814 IMG_5821 IMG_5824 IMG_5774a

Hurry up, Samuel! We want to meet you!


Yeah! I got my blog back!
After not being able to post for months and months I finally was able to recover some of my blog!
Well, the sad part is… I couldn’t recover the posts. 😦

So what better way to start back, but with a fall mini session of a super cute family?

This cute baby boy is only five months old and he behaved so well during the whole session! We even got some smiles! Cute cute cute!

I always have a favorite image out of a whole session, but I have to say that it was hard to pick one. I might change my favorite in the future, but for now the one image where daddy is holding baby boy and he is really laughing for mommy!
it was a precious moment that I was glad I was able to capture!


Thank you Meins family for choosing me as your photographer! It was fun!

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